The Mashing Dutchman

Frans Meij

The Mashing Dutchman

Brewery: Brouwerij Pronck

Position: Brew Master/COO

Time at Brouwerij Pronck: 5 years


Annual hL: 1000


Core Range: Our current core range consists of a witbeer with lemon & lavender, a Citra rye pale ale with Russian earl grey tea, a west coast IPA, a double IPA, a Belgian tripel with lime tree blossom honey, a botanical blonde ale with bergamot and fresh flowers, an imperial porter with cacao, vanilla, green cardamom and juniper berries, another blonde ale with grapefruit juice, pink peppercorn and rosemary and finally a German weizen with lemongrass. So in summary: Witbeer, Rye Pale Ale, IPA, DIPA, Tripel, two Blondes, Imperial Porter, Weizen.


Primary Market: Our primary market is the greater Leiden area


How long have you been brewing? 8 years, 5 professionally.


What’s the first beer you ever brewed? The first beer I ever made was a simple and clean German wheat beer.


Besides contribution to the brewing community, why did you want to apply to Project X? I love collaborating with passionate people that love their craft.


What beer styles do you generally brew? I generally brew German weizen/weisse styles, American Pale Ale/IPA’s, Belgian Wit/Blondes, and English Stouts/Porters. In general I use quite a lot of spices, herbs, fruits, etc.


How many people are in your team? 14 people currently.


What is your brewery’s message? To brew honest beers. Meaning we use only the best and purest ingredients we can find, local if possible, without using any artificial additives or adjuncts and without cutting costs. We note all of our ingredients on our labels. We have no secrets; people can ask us anything.


Who are your current suppliers? Current suppliers would be The Swaen for malt, Simply Hops, Charles Faram and Hopsteiner for hops, Fermentis for yeast. We have a lot of other suppliers but I’m guessing you are less interested in where we get our cardboard?



Why Frans of Pronck?

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