Cristina Sáez


Brewery: Sáez and Son

Position: Head Brewer

Time at Sáez and Son: 9 months


Annual hL: 240


Core range: 3 beers, Helles, Brown Ale, IPA which we sell at our taproom and for gastronomy. Then we produce mainly IPA or Hazy IPA styles for local craft beer bars and beer stores.


Primary market: We currently have three revenue streams, our tap room, restaurants and craft beer bars.


How long have you been brewing? Seven years since I did my first homebrew, four years as a professional, working at different breweries in Germany and now since May, working at my own brewery here in Spain.


What’s the first beer you ever brewed? American Pale Ale as a homebrewer. Porter as a professional.


Besides contribution to the brewing community, why did you want to apply to Project X? Because it seems to be a great opportunity for learning, having an incredible experience, new contacts, and of course because of the trips included. 


What beer styles do you generally brew? In general IPA, Hazy IPA, Helles and Brown Ales. 


How many people are in your team? Two people.


What is your brewery’s message? Commitment and a professional manner. 


Who are your current suppliers? Malts: Simpsons (from Agronet) and Weyermann (from Molina). Hops: Barth Haas (from Marina, Barcelona) and Yakima (from Mr Malt). 


What has Cristina been up to?

We caught up with Lupulina to find out a little more about her and why she wanted to be a Project X Ambassador. Watch this space...


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