Matt Howgate

Buzz Lightbeer

Brewery: Vocation
Position: Head Brewer

Frans Meij

The Mashing Dutchman

Brewery: Brouwerij Pronck
Position: Brew Master/COO

Tom O'Hara

El Partisano

Brewery: The Garden Brewery
Position: Head Brewer and Brewery Director

Cristina Sáez


Brewery: Sáez and Son
Position: Head Brewer

Matt Arens

Matteo von Amundsen

Brewery: Amundsen
Position: Head Brewer


For this project to be the most effective, we wanted to work with a group of professional craft brewers that are able to best represent the diverse European craft brewing scene. For that reason, we considered all applications under the following criteria:

  • EXPERIENCE – Brewers who have a good understanding of craft brewing. We wanted to know that they understand the current challenges facing craft brewers, the history of craft and the values that are important to craft.

  • BREWERY SIZE – Craft brewing encompasses breweries of all shapes and sizes. We considered all applicants to make sure we have the small, the large and all in between represented as well as possible.

  • NATIONALITY - Craft brewers in different countries and regions face different challenges and we wanted to ensure we got a good understanding of as many as possible.

  • ARE YOU A CRAFT BREWER? – Do you brew with passion, bravery and authenticity to create high-quality, full-flavoured beer that YOU love?

  • TIME – Was the brewer able to definitely commit the time to the project to ensure the best possible outcome?

  • ENGLISH LANGUAGE – The trips and workshops will all be held in English and we required the participants to be able to both understand and converse in English comfortably.

What is Project X?

As a craft brewer, are you getting what you want from your hop supplier? BarthHaas and Simply Hops have opened their doors to 5 craft brewers, to help cultivate a new understanding of what you need from us and ensure that we are able to support the craft community the best we possibly can.